Liar Game is back! 139 discussion.

28 11 2011

I’m not making any guarantees that this blog will be back in action, but I’ll see about putting up a comments section every chapter for people who want to discuss things here, possibly with random speculations on my part.

General reactions for 139:  (Spoilers below)

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Liar Game Rankings

4 11 2010

Since the 4th Round is over, how about some “official” player rankings.

This is in Liar Game Invitation, and represents the corporation’s take on who is most closest to being crowned the “Liar King.”

1. Yokoya Norihiko

2. Harimoto Takashi

3. Akiyama Shinichi

4. Fukunaga Yuuji

5. Player 15

6. Kikuchi Shou

7. Akagi Kouta

8. Kosaka Tadako

9. Shibayama Yuusuke

10. Hasegawa Hiroshi

11. Makizono Kazuya

12. Miura Takayoshi

13. Nishida Yuuichi

14. Fujisawa Kazuo

15. Kikuzawa Takahiro

16. Nakadate Yuuichi

17. Ikezawa Teppei

18. Saeki Kiyoshi

19. Kawai Tatsuya

20. Tsumura Akira

… (21-36 aren’t listed)

37. Kanzaki Nao

38. Eda Teruyuki

39. Nishihara Reina

40. Takada Michiko

The “Power Play” Solution

1 07 2010

In which I ramble (and state an unpopular position) about Akiyama’s final plan. Spoilers for 137.

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Chapter 130 summary

20 05 2010

By chuckie247

Spoilers for 130 enclosed.

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Chapter 129 summary

18 05 2010

By chuckie247

Spoilers for 129 inside.

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Chapter 113 summary

13 05 2010

By chuckie247

Spoilers for Chapter 113 below

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The Egos in Liar Game

18 04 2010

By Silvara4Ever

Psychology and Liar Game are two concepts that are deeply intertwined. The manga is tagged as “psychological”, and not too coincidentally, we happen to have two characters who are “experts” in the matter. Akiyama, of course, who sometimes enlightens us with some useful psychology lessons, and now the mysterious Kurifuji, who explains everything from the other side of the security cameras.

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Chapter 111 summary

12 04 2010

By chuckie247

This chapter was published the week before Season 2 of the drama premiered so there is a short interview on Toda Erika (the actress who plays Kanzaki Nao) attached.  Let me know if you are interested in the interview.

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Liar King Quiz Results

24 02 2010

Since I know you’ve all been waiting for them.

And be thankful that I was so lazy I  scrapped my original plan of replacing A-H with various symbols so no one would even have an idea of where they ranked until this post.

These are direct translations, and all errors are my own.

If you haven’t taken the quiz, you can take it here. Otherwise, answers are below.

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In Defense of 97

23 01 2010

First, yeah, it’s been a while. Yay school. -.-

Anyway, since the releases are coming regularly now, I’m going to stop the summaries. As fun as it is to get new spoilers, I can’t justify the hours it takes from my thesis to try and translate a chapter. Especially if I’m personally having more fun doing analysis and writing fanfic to distract myself. >.>

So…back to the topic.

Chapter 97 is definitely NOT a typical Liar Game chapter, and while many people don’t like the fact that 97 was spent on Glasses’/Four-eyes’ story and warm fuzzy feelings, I actually really loved the chapter, and think it’s pretty big as far  as plot development goes

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