Liar Game

Liar Game
The premise of Liar Game is about as simple is as it gets.  One day, a foolishly naive girl named Nao Kanzaki receives a letter telling her she has been chosen to participate in the ‘Liar Game Tournament’, the objective of which is to cheat the other participants out of their money.

Currently, the manga has covered five rounds (three main rounds, two revival rounds). The sixth round (fourth main round) is ongoing.

If you’re familiar with the series:

quantula: Welcome to liargame.wordpress.com!  I have no idea how you stumbled on here, but hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for.  It’s an ongoing process, but we have all sorts of things such as character bios, quotes, pictures, chapter summaries, fangirl rants, and spoilers =].  Don’t forget the “Roots of A” link on the sidebar, the information is very extensive.
If there’s something you want to see, didn’t find, or need to know, don’t be afraid to drop a comment!  We have a friendly and intelligent community here, I promise.

jais: Welcome to what is perhaps the only English language fansite/spoiler site dedicated to Liar Game. Quantula basically said it all about who we are and what we do. I admit the opinion is pretty heavy (For example we’re both heavy Akiyama/Nao shippers, and both of us are pretty big fans of Nao), but that’s what make our site, our site. =D

If you’re new to the series:

quantula:  Liar Game is one of the most unique mangas out there, covering a lot of bases without stretching itself too thin.  It’s intelligent, but you don’t need to think hard in order to enjoy it; It’s “seinen”, but the romantic possibilities put half the josei & shoujo mangas to shame (trust me on that one); Even shounen-ai fans can have a field day with this one.

No intricate plot, no fillers — the characters drive the story, not the other way around.  If the art or the lead female bothers you, take my advice and don’t give up on it!   There is considerable improvement in both departments by the end of Revival Round #1.  I’ve mentioned this before (somewhere on the site), but the same heroine who used to irritate me has become my all-time favorite female character in manga history.  So give Liar Game a chance! =]


jais If you’re new to this series, you deserve to be warned: There are some horrible cliffhangers. You wouldn’t think so, seeing as it’s only money at stake. No one actually dies. Once you get into it though, between the puzzles will keep you on your toes, not just because it’s dramatic but because you need to find out the answers.

Hmm…on the art style…it’s not pretty but it’s effective. The pictures are clear and detailed, and sometimes you can see important visual clues. The expressions on most of the characters faces are either incredibly exaggerated or subtle enough that it takes a few readings to get that they’re expressing something.

It’s intelligent. Prepare to be mentally challenged. You can very easily enjoy this as a puzzle manga, trying to figure out how to win these games before someone explains it. It’s also got some incredible character development if you look for it.


The Authors


I started this blog because I really needed a place to rant about why I love Nao and to analyze a bit of Akiyama’s mindset – the “predictions” post is when I had my first discussion with Onicchi/Jais, and we’ve been fangirling about Akiyama x Nao ever since!  =] ❤ Don’t worry, I don’t let that cloud my opinion.  Usually.  Hmm… my other favorite mangas include One Outs, Get Backers, Petshop of Horrors, a bit of Rurouni Kenshin, and my guilty pleasure Please Save my Earth.  It’s good shoujo stuff.  =P


I joined this blog for exactly one reason: I had three extra volumes of fangirling to do and absolutely no place to do it. After going to forums, and reading everyone else making their predicitons and generally having to keep silent, I came here and found a very friendly (and open to spoilers) ear in Quantula. I still have to stay quiet about some things, but mostly yes, I use this as a dumping ground for all the thinking I do about this series. Hmm… other manga… My favorites include Hikaru no Go, Hikaru to Tomo ni, Akagi, Real, and Nana.

you can contact me at dagasisa (at) gmail (dot) com.

28 responses

29 07 2009

Even shounen-ai fans can have a field day with this one.

You know… until I started reading Round 4, I thought it was kind of meh for shounen-ai. Not a lot of guys who stick around. (The most enduring characters are Akiyama (boy), Nao (girl), Fukunaga (both)). Don’t know if the lack of ‘pretty’ is a factor.

But with Round 4:

The return of Akagi and Yokoya…

The fact that ‘make contact’ can alternately be translated as ‘touch’

Yeah, I see it now.

I’m not a particular fan of it myself…but it would be interesting to see pairings that aren’t AkixNao.

*is about to get burned for this* =D

29 07 2009

Actually, about Shounen-Ai, I didn’t really see that one until Revival Round 2… To be honest though, I’m not a fan of this genre either anyway. I’ve just been spending too much time on Get Backers and Kingdom Hearts forums. ^_^”
AkixNao, though? I’ve been fantasizing on that one since Nao went “SAVEEE MEEE!!”

30 07 2009

Heh- Looks like I have nothing to say on this topic, considering I am not a fan of either romance or shounen-ai. (Though I am a huge fan of family love and friendship!)
Whatever emotions the author is hoping to convey between Nao and Akiyama though, will probably remain in the background, being more or less implied, and not expressed in a concrete way. But then again, that’s the way I like it- and it will be more suited to their personalities as well as the genre of the story.

30 07 2009

I think that subtle romantic moments are a lot better than what a lot of shoujo mangas do. It takes out a lot of unnecessary and unrealistic angst. XD

30 07 2009

I think it would pretty much ruin the story if anything happened outright between anybody. It’s enough for me that we get a ton of clues that neither Akiyama or Nao would turn their back on the other, regardless of what the ultimate reason is.

That said, I basically read Liar Game as much for the background clues about the characters and their relationships (I love the first and last chapters of just about all the arcs for that reason).

Or I guess, I find trying to figure out the characters and their thought processes just as interesting as trying to figure out how to win the games. More so, because there’s no correct solution given for the characters yet.

31 07 2009

Hi, I just want to ask if we can buy this manga in english. I was looking in ebay and amazon, but it’s not here.

I can buy volume 1 and 2 in spanish (I’m from Costa Rica) but the traduction is from Spain, so I don’t like it. I would like to have this manga in english.

Ah, almost forget. I love the blog. I think I have read all the post, but I can’t comment all I want because my english writing is very bad.

But I will be always reading and supporting Nao X Akiyama couple.

31 07 2009

No- as of yet, this manga is not licensed by an English manga publisher. I have no idea if its released in any other languages, but I don’t think you’ll be able to buy it in English any time soon.
If you want to read in English, try visiting http://www.mangatraders.com – it’s a manga downloading site, which is free and only requires registration as a member. You can download all the chapters of Liar Game released so far. It’s cheaper and much more convenient than waiting for proper licensed books anyway.

1 08 2009

I have already read the manga, but I think it’s very good so I want to buy it. If it’s not licensed in english I’m going to buy the spanish version.


1 08 2009

Thank you for your comments. ^^

The manga is not licensed in English currently (I know of Chinese and Japanese). Thanks for letting me know that there’s a Spanish version of Liar Game (even if it is Castillian and not Latin American Spanish).

1 08 2009

That’s is actually pretty amazing. I had no idea whatsoever that there was a Spanish version released. And I’m spanish. However, I’m not interested in buying it, because I’m already used to the English translation and it’s terms, which are pretty especific. I just “fear” what could have become of them after a translation into Spanish, lol.

6 08 2009
6 08 2009

Still, that’s pretty awesome. =D Thank you for the links. ^^

6 08 2009

Must be pretty hard to translate Liar Game into Spanish, considering that the money amounts differ. For instance, in English, a billion means 1,000 millions, whereas in Spanish, a billion means 1,000,000. I’m thinking mostly about the Minority Rule game… If the amounts were confusing the way we know them, the Spanish translators must me swearing over Kaitani a BILLION times, lol.

I am fairly sure that there is also a scanlating group doing a Spanish translation of Liar Game out of the English scans from Null. And what I have explained above is the main reason why I don’t check it out. I’m afraid I’ll go crazy.

Did I mention that I suck at maths? 😉

6 08 2009

Sorry, I meant in Spanish, a billion means 1,000,000 millions U.U

6 08 2009

The numbering system is already pretty different, even just going from Japanese to English.

In Japan 100 million is well, 1 one-hundred million, if that makes sense. Or
1億 (ichi oku). So for example, the 2.2 billion in round 2 is actually 22億. In some sense, it might be easier in Spanish. Since there’s no confusion between millions and billions.

((And yes, the English scanlation is guilty of that sometimes))

And, just as a nature of Liar Game as a Manga, I imagine it’s difficult to translate into any language.

10 12 2009

Just wanted to say, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

I’ve been trying to find a site for Liar Game and here I am!

Thanks so much 🙂

17 12 2009

I didn’t know if you have heard or knew anything more about the “Liar Game Episode 0 spinoff” series?
I found some info here:
and here:
But did know if you knew any other info on this, it catch my eye when i read Matsuda’s info on anime news network. THanks

22 12 2009

hello!! i first discovered liar game (season1) in the summer of 09, and recently found out from my also-obsessed friend that SEASON TWO came out.


I just i just wanted to thank you guys for supplying a place to obsess and squeal over Akiyama. COUGH i mean. have intellectually stimulating debates over game theory. yupyup.

22 12 2009

oh and also–just to note– i’ve only seen the drama so far. but i plan on reading the manga.

22 12 2009

Hey Linda, You should read the mange, it’s amazing!!! Akiyama is just as hot, and smart. and Nao is awesome as well. I liked her in the drama, but the manga she seem to understand it more. (in my opinion). Best place to read in my opinion, http://www.mangafox.com/manga/liar_game/

this is where i have my friend reading it, she loves it there.

Happy readings.

22 03 2010

Thank you for this site. I just want to let you know that this is the first place I go after catching up on the latest chapter 🙂 It’s nice to hear everyone else’s opinion, you know? I started the manga at the start of this year (2010) and have already caught up. I really appreciate all the ideas and discussions on these threads, especially those on character development and relationships, which I really enjoy in the manga. Just wanted to show my appreciation!

22 03 2010

It is my first time finding this thread. I didn’t know it existed, sorry for not posting in here before.

13 04 2010

just to thank you guys for this website!! i’ve been waiting for ages for a site dedicated to this manga but just didn’t expect one to be as decent as this =]

keep up the awesomeness 🙂

29 04 2010

tnx for the site!! I’m a big fan of nao x akiyama but I really can’t imagine them together during the game. I love how subtle it develops and how that makes the manga focus on the game and the people participating it, rather than on just nao and akiyama. But it would really be great if the manga ends with them ending up together. 🙂

28 06 2010

Hello every one…

I am a big fan of Liar game because i beleve – and love – math & logice (my mom don’t beleve in thim & she always saied that i am crazy kid >_< )

So after reading all chapters untell 136 i went to my school prensable then take permashon to do the same game in our school ^_^

The game will start at 1/8 after mounth from now & i relly need all levels ruls to make the game go in best way…

So can you guys please write the rules of all leveles & I hope you can send me a massage On oasugher@hotmail.com so we can talk togather..

thanks : )

9 07 2010

I almost didn’t like Akiyama’s character in the beginning only because he wasn’t typically good looking, but after a day’s read, I love him 😛
I’m not too sure about the couple thing because that would really spoil the whole absence of romance approach. :/

7 09 2010

Did anyone consider AkiyamaXFukunaga? Haha. Ha. Sorry if that seriously creeped you out just then. I wonder how old Fukunaga really is? Hmmm…I also wonder if he’ll get together with anyone in the end as well? I reckon Nao and Akiyama kind of already have the hots for each other don’t you?

28 11 2010

Excuse me, I’m a little hyper right now—I’ve been living on a Liar Game fever for the past three weeks…and it hasn’t died down yet. And on top of that, I spent Turkey Day weekend searching for a Liar Game fansite that wasn’t established by purely-Akiyama fangirls. Not that I’m one to talk I suppose, but it’s nice to find that there’s actually a group of people out there that appreciate Liar Game for its intellectual energy, not just the characters’ looks.
I’ve favorited this page already…ohoho this is going to be funnn~

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