Liar Game Rankings

4 11 2010

Since the 4th Round is over, how about some “official” player rankings.

This is in Liar Game Invitation, and represents the corporation’s take on who is most closest to being crowned the “Liar King.”

1. Yokoya Norihiko

2. Harimoto Takashi

3. Akiyama Shinichi

4. Fukunaga Yuuji

5. Player 15

6. Kikuchi Shou

7. Akagi Kouta

8. Kosaka Tadako

9. Shibayama Yuusuke

10. Hasegawa Hiroshi

11. Makizono Kazuya

12. Miura Takayoshi

13. Nishida Yuuichi

14. Fujisawa Kazuo

15. Kikuzawa Takahiro

16. Nakadate Yuuichi

17. Ikezawa Teppei

18. Saeki Kiyoshi

19. Kawai Tatsuya

20. Tsumura Akira

… (21-36 aren’t listed)

37. Kanzaki Nao

38. Eda Teruyuki

39. Nishihara Reina

40. Takada Michiko



26 responses

13 11 2010

Akiyama beat both of the people ranked one and two, yet is ranked beneath them? Lame. And surely these aren’t the only people in Liar Game. This manga is in desperate need of new villains.

14 11 2010

The list was published before Musical Chairs really got started. Plus, it was supposedly drawn up by someone in the corporation…and so it’s probably not an objective list.

13 11 2010

How is Fukunaga still on the list if she lost the Infection Game? o_O

(yay, the blog updated! xD)

14 11 2010

I’m with Liar_Game_Fan on this one. What the heck is Akiyama doing in the third place? He’s shown he’s clearly superior to Harimoto, and while he’s pretty much at the same level as Yokoya, he’s beaten him, huh, I don’t know… THREE TIMES??

I don’t care that much about Yokoya, to be honest, but I think that Kaitani is desperately trying to make us see Harimoto as someone much more dangerous than what we saw during the Musical Chairs game. And I have no inconvenient, really. It’s just that, so far, we cannot feel it that way. Once we see what he’s really capable of in later stages, then he can go up in the list. But so far, he doesn’t hold a candle to Akiyama.

14 11 2010

Probably something I should say is that this came out in Invitation, which was published before the Musical Chairs game got started, which is probably why Harimoto ranks so high.

Plus, we haven’t seen what he’s done in previous rounds, so he could very well have earned his spot…we just haven’t seen why yet… (and yeah, that’s a problem).

20 11 2010

Opinion on the ranking:

Big 3: Akiyama, Yokoya, Harimoto
2nd tier: Fukunaga
3rd tier: no.15, Kikuchi Shou, Nao (4th round)
4th tier: Shibayama, Hasegawa, Akagi… & Nao (2nd revival round)
5th tier: Most of the players, Nao (from 1st revival round to 3rd round)
Most stupid: Nishida & Nao (before the game, 1st & 2nd round)

22 11 2010

I’m watching the drama atm and it piqued my interest in the manga and the whole game theory things. I must say that you guys have done such a great job with all the information and analysis etc. I’ve found the scanlations but I was wondering whether you know a place to find scans of the Japanese manga untranslated?
Thanks a lot and keep up the good job!

23 11 2010

To the whole third place Akiyama thing: I think that this ranking is based on what would happen if there were no permanent teams (Akiyama’s group, Yokoya’s three man team?, and Harimoto’s + followers). If Yokoya, Harimoto, and Akiyama were to be in a game with strangers then the winners would be (in order): Yokoya, then Harimoto, then Akiyama.

I think the whole ending of the musical chairs is to agree with this ranking and highlight Nao’s importance to Akiyama’s group. Without Nao then Akiyama would certainly lose to either Yokoya or Harimoto.

I don’t think this list is to show end result of the tournament but to show the relative skill of each player against the rest (I mean take a look: Player 15 is still high in the list even though we know he would have dropped out after winning the second round if he won).

After seeing this ranking I really want to see Harimoto in a game separate from Yokoya.

@Luca: I suggest just googling raw scans of liar game.

25 11 2010

where can i find the english chapters? after onemanga went down there doesnt seem to be any movement on it.

25 11 2010

The series went on hiatus after 138. I don’t know when it’s coming back.

10 03 2011

According to his Twitter, he is suffering from tenosynovitis. But he has somehow managed to finish a set of manuscript and handed it in to his editor at Young Jump on the 6th March. This should mean… we get Liar Game #139 next month! πŸ˜€

28 11 2010

Yup =( The only other manga site I can think of off the top of my head that has Liar Game is mangafox.

11 03 2011

@meardearna: OMG. Poor Kaitani. No wonder there hasn’t been news for a while. I hope his case is not very serious…

It’s great to know that he’s still working on our favourite manga despite the difficulties. He rules!!

And… Liar Game next month?? Man, that sounds heavenly.

1 04 2011

Wow, it’s already been a year…Anyone have any updates on his health and the manga?

13 04 2011

Hey !

Thanks for your amazing blog, I’m glad I found it, with fans of Liar Game like me.
I just finished reading the chapter 138, and I began to read this manga two days ago… XD It’s just too addictive.
I hope you will continue to update your blog when the hiatus of LG will be finished ! *had her fingers crossed*

4 05 2011

Wow, this blog got updated =D It’s nice to here that Kaitani’s still alive and kicking. My sis and I were jokingly wondering if he had met some tragic demise — and then realized that we really didn’t know. Not so funny in hindsight.

8 05 2011

Rejoice! Liar Game 139 will be out in two weeks!

12 05 2011

Hello! I’m new here and new to reading Liar Game. Recently, I’ve just caught up to the latest chapter. I’m happy to have found your blog and I love to read the posts! πŸ˜€

Anyways, how are the people from the previous rounds in the ranking since they’ve left the game or have been eliminated from the other games and are still in there? Shouldn’t they have been removed from the list? Or is there still a chance for them to come back? o.o

Is that true!? I hope it’s true because I want to read the next chapter so badly! Can you tell me where you’ve heard the information from? I hope the hiatus ends!

16 05 2011

A bit of update on Kaitani’s health since many of us are concerned. He seems to be doing so well that he is in fact working on both Odagiri Kyouko no Uso, Liar Game, a side story of One Outs, as well as running his Mahjong palour and making fans service appearances! The guy is alive, kicking and definitely not slacking. But it seems his injuries was substantial enough that it took him a while of practice to get back into drawing Akiyama:

16 05 2011

That is such, such great news. Thank you!!!

Man, I wish I could read Odagiri Kyouko. Considering Kaitani’s history, it must really be worth a read.

And about that picture of Akiyama, I don’t know if that is before or after he got his “practice” back, but he sure looks good enough to me XD

Let’s hope the new chapters come as fast as Liar_Game_Fan said. The other day I was thinking about how the manga might continue, and I had some ideas. What if Nao’s father gets worse and she suddenly really needs some money to save him? That would be an awesome twist.

16 05 2011

So we can expect a new chapter of Liar Game soon? (ie: within the next month?)

11 06 2011

Who knows?

Apparently Kaitani has submitted a manuscript to the publishers as of aa ccouple of weeks ago….. so something *is* coming. There’s just no particular indication of timescale.

11 06 2011

I have no idea if advertising is allowed round here, but I’m going to put one up anyway. I know this blog’s kinda in stasis because of the hiatus, but we’ll see how much traffic comes this way anyhow:


The Carousel of Liars has opened its doors, and will be active for the next few weeks. Feel like trying your hand at a couple of the Liar Games in a casual, social environment? Roll up, roll up! Want something a little more intense? Roll up all the same…. something bigger is on the horizon. All carnivals end eventually…. and then the true Liar Game will begin.

Intrigued? Sign up here:

(signups are ongoing and will be for some time, so don’t be shy!)

28 09 2011

Righto, I think that it’s disappointing that Nao is listed in the last five. A real disappointment indeed. But the explaination makes sense. If she was not allowed to work with consistent allies, she would be out of the running by now, by far.

3 10 2011

I think it’s a real pity that they underestimate Nao’s ability to apeal to the “Heart.” Because that is actually Harimoto’s shtick and he’s really good at it. Never mind the fact that he is far more intelligent than she, but this should warrant a higher placement for her. :/

28 11 2011

Hey! Chapter 139 is on!

This blog can be revived too! =D

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