Happy Cover Art

14 02 2010

Yes, I know you really can’t guarantee anything from cover/color art normally from this manga. Up to and including what Akiyama’s ‘real’ hair color is and what Nao’s ‘real’ eyecolor is (seriously, color art shows it as either being blue or brown).

That said, Kaitani is definitely using his cover art to pander to the keen-eyed supporters of the Akiyama x Nao pairing. Especially since it would be difficult to do so within the story itself without derailing the plot.

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Why I Love Akiyama x Nao

14 02 2010

A Very Happy Valentines Day to Everyone! If you believe in that sort of thing, that is.  At any rate, it’s a great excuse for moah AkiyamaxNao lurve!! ^__^ ❤

Disclaimer:  Very informal and almost rant-ish 🙂

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Akiyama x Nao Moments: Volume 2

28 04 2009

moment-13Moment #1

It seems like he’s saying this while eating… meaning he’s not even paying attention to what he’s saying?  Or he’s pretending not to?  Either way, the readers can’t miss the note of concern– the only thing to debate is whether Akiyama missed it.

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Akiyama x Nao Moments: Volume 1

26 04 2009

Because I need new ways to procrastinate.

moment-1Moment #1

So apparently Akiyama is as strong as he is smart.  +100 for him!  He definitely looks like a knight in shining armor, although he put Nao in that situation in the first place…  And so we have the first of many conflicting interpretations of Akiyama!

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Akiyama x Nao

24 03 2009


So I told Onicchi that I’d be taking a temporary hiatus from the blog to spend time scanning Volumes 7 & 8 instead, but the fangirl in me just CAN’T HELP IT!


Warning: Mild spoilers ahead– but they’re really Akiyama x Nao moments, not plot related anyway.

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