Liar Game is back! 139 discussion.

28 11 2011

I’m not making any guarantees that this blog will be back in action, but I’ll see about putting up a comments section every chapter for people who want to discuss things here, possibly with random speculations on my part.

General reactions for 139:  (Spoilers below)

  • I’m really happy to have a glimpse of how Nao’s changed in her daily life.
  • Makizono and Akagi have left. But Akagi’s final gesture is possibly one of the classiest moves in this game.
  • Nao’s debt is paid off and more so. But she’s still not leaving. There’s still people to rescue.
  • Akiyama’s left. Uh huh. Not buying that one. But I love how shocked Nao is when he gets there.
  • Speaking of, I don’t believe Akiyama at all when he says he’s not there out of concern for her. If nothing else, he deliberately chose Nao’s block to enter into.
  • More speaking of, what future use is Akiyama’s little stunt at the beginning.
  • Akiyama, Nao, and Harimoto in Block A. Fukunaga and Yokoya, plus new characters in Block B. I wonder how many spots are open in this consolation round.

One final thought, or more of a question really: Is it just me, or does it seem weird how much the some of the players seem to confide in the LGT employees.




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28 11 2011

\o/ yayy! let the LGT resume!

28 11 2011

I was so happy this morning when I checked my email and found the good news. It’s about time. I wonder how quickly the chapters will be releasing?

28 11 2011

From what I hear Liar Game has been republished in a Weekly Jump magazine. So expect more soon?

Anyways, I wanted to see even more of Nao’s typical life! Getting to the next round of the LGT is great, but there’s oodles of drama to milk from the rest of Nao’s world!

I’m beginning to think that this is Fukunaga’s chance to redeem hermself from losing the Pandemic Game and Akiyama’s chance to test Harimoto’s abilities on a more even playing field.

So happy~!

29 11 2011

So much, yes?

Anyways, I wanted to see even more of Nao’s typical life!

I wouldn’t want Liar Game to become a slice-of-life manga, but I really love the little glimpses of everyone’s real life. It helps ground them.

I’m beginning to think that this is Fukunaga’s chance to redeem herself from losing the Pandemic Game and Akiyama’s chance to test Harimoto’s abilities on a more even playing field.

That’s what I’ve been thinking. This is basically a reversal from the preliminary rounds where Fukunaga matched up with Harimoto and Akiyama+Nao were matched with Yokoya, so it’ll be interesting to see how these 1-on-1 battles turn out. It’s more interesting because effectively the established teams (Harimoto and Aki-Nao) are fighting each other, and the two lone-wolfs (Fukunaga and Yokoya) are facing off.

30 11 2011

I wouldn’t want Liar Game to become a slice-of-life manga, but I really love the little glimpses of everyone’s real life. It helps ground them.

I agree… sorta. I wouldn’t want there to be a dozen chapters or so of character’s typical life in between the rounds. But maybe two or three chapters max to show the typical lives of select characters to explain some outside pressures they may be experiencing while inside the game.

For example (and drama), I feel that if Nao’s father passed away in a break between rounds that it would shake her morale–make us question how this might be changing her morals if her behavior is different–then make her an even stronger player by reinforcing her beliefs. Yes, killing off characters is a serious business, but it was the only drama I could think of on the spot.

Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter. I read someone’s speculation somewhere that the two sections might influence each other during the round and that it might be an internet based game because of the location, an internet cafe.


29 11 2011

I was so happy I actually teared up when I read the chapter. I loved it when Nao talked about how when she was little she could never look anyone straight in the eye–it made her progression all the more sweeter.

Yeah, I couldn’t help but think Akiyama came back for her too. But not so much to protect her as much as him acknowledging they work best as a team. Like, because they’ve been through Liar Game together, they had a mind-melding moment where they knew they had things left to do within the Game.

About the characters trusting the LGT officers too much–I’d say its more like they know what to expect of them. These people have been in the game for four rounds, so they are way more familiar with the officers than before.

Speaking of familiarity….I hate to be the black sheep of the pack, but I’m actually REALLY curious how Yokoya is going to develop from here on out. I can almost see Fukunaga and him team up for this round as well. He can’t use ponytail, but by “playing” Fukunaga, not only does he gain a bigger chance at winning the round, he could manipulate the situation to plant doubt in Fukunaga’s mind about being on Nao’s team.

29 11 2011

The talk about Nao’s progression is really exciting. It’s nice seeing how much she’s really woken up and become stronger, even though she always used to be withdrawn.

There’s always such a mix when it comes to the whole Akiyama and Nao thing. On one hand, I don’t think he’s back to protect her, but he’s also not going to risk seeing her in trouble. And they do work well together, so it makes a lot of sense for him to go to the trouble of making sure that they wind up in the same group, instead of risking them getting split into separate groups.

The LGT officers are known quantities, true, and for the most part, they’re the only connection between the players outside of the game. Plus, they seem trained in the art of getting people to talk.

I’d see a truce with Fukunaga being temporary at best. Yokoya’s actions in the third round seem to have really offended Fukunaga, and more so, she’s had several opportunities to see what happens to the people who team up with Yokoya. It would be interesting to see a team up though, since their methods of gaining cooperation are so different.

29 11 2011

Akiyama’s little gambit was done so that he’ll be able to stop alliances that aren’t centred on Nao or Harimoto forming. “You trust Baldy now? Really? Hey, would you care to provide me with another sample of your handwriting, Baldy old buddy? I have something to show your new friend . . .”

One less variable to deal with. Of course, knowing him, there’s probably more to it than that (he might resort to blackmail at some point?), but obvious benefit is obvious.

Can’t wait to see what Yokoya’s big philosophical/tactical revelation is. It’d be hilarious if it were “My god! Nao was right when she said that the Liar Game was all about trust and cooperation! So all I have to do is render my enemies incapable of trust or cooperation, and I’ll win!”

29 11 2011

I could easily see Akiyama using that gambit to stop any new alliances from forming, and also to make teaming up with him more appealing in later rounds, since he’s so noble about taking on people’s debts. Though it also makes being minimally decent to the other players seem more rewarding that it was otherwise.

Yokoya would never accept that anything Nao said was right, even if it would mean his own downfall. Thought he might find out that the Liar Game is all about the exact opposite, and go from there. Heck, that’s probably what he’s doing, trying to figure out the opposite of Nao’s theory.

30 11 2011

I don’t think Akiyama “came back.” I think he left on purpose just so he could pull that stunt. He’s such a sly devil.

1 12 2011

I agree. He probably figured that there would be more than one revival round and he knows Nao well enough to realize that she has a bit of a hero complex (saving people who don’t want to be saved). He probably was planing to continue, but quit so that he could choose which game he enter so that he could keep an eye on Nao. Akiyama realizes that one of his greatest Assets is Nao with her ability to inspire people to help her and get them moving. He recognizes that she understands the heart. He definitely likes her, but whether this will grow into a full blown romance is unknown (no matter how much I want that).

I also think that that little game with the contestants was an information gathering gambit. He knows which players are the most disliked and he knows which players wrote which names giving him an insight into their personalities. which this information he can set people against each other. Divide and rule is a very effective tactic. And while Nao wont like it, we know that Akiyama has no scruples about using other players mental states against them.

4 12 2011

Yes!!! It’s back; I’m so happy!!! So excited for the new game!!!!!

@Triskellion: I would rather that any stories outside the games (besides the small intermissions where players are told of the next game) be inside the other manga (i.e. Liar Game: Roots of A). I think that would be the best way to give a glimpse of the players’ lives. But to add more drama?… hmm… I guess it depends on how it’s done, because I wouldn’t want the drama to be too detached from the LGT.

@Jais: “It’s more interesting because effectively the established teams (Harimoto and Aki-Nao) are fighting each other, and the two lone-wolfs (Fukunaga and Yokoya) are facing off.” – Never thought of it like that.. that definitely sounds more interesting. I just hope that we get to see the other section’s game play out as well.

@Foxglove: I do agree that it looks like Akiyama thinks Nao is is greatest asset, but I don’t think he left in order to help her. In fact I think it somewhat hindered him by forcing him to join the area where he already knows everyone. If Nao hadn’t join he would have still left but in order to: save one more person from the LGT and to pick the group with the most unknown players in order to study them.

5 12 2011

If you lots are blown by that Chapter…the next one is out. Time for some re-evaluations on who is going to win I feel.

7 12 2011

Seriously though, this makes me so happy. It’s been over a year now but it feels good to get back into this fandom again.

I kind of agree with Triskellion on the whole “slice of life” opinion. The games are what make this manga awesome, but seeing more of the characters lives, I think, would make them seem a lot more sympathetic. All the tension and drama is pointless if you don’t care that much about the people involved.

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