141 is out!

13 12 2011

Have I mentioned how much I love Nao? She has the best determined faces.

Anyway, this chapter means Rules. Rules mean searching for loopholes.

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140 Discussions

6 12 2011

So Chapter 140 is out and promises new and exciting twists to this consolation round. That is not a spoiler because virtually every chapter promises new and exciting twists. However the reactions and speculations below are probably spoilers.

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More than a Hobo

26 05 2010

By Nicole

“Harimoto appeals to what is called the ‘Heart’.”

-Leronira, Chapter 132 Liar Game Manga

I have been interested in Harimoto for some time now, partly because I have a special interest in cults and also the mystery surrounding Harimoto’s faction has been clouded for some time now. What I can draw about Harimoto stems from my knowledge of cults and what Abe-san says about “demons” and etc.

To understand Harimoto better, we need to know how cults or his cult works. It reveals something about how he ‘manipulates’ his little faction.

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Co-operation, Domination and some History

22 05 2010

By Nicole

Personally, I don’t know how Round 4 will turn out. It seems like anyone’s game now (but I believe that’s the magic of the manga artist)! However, it seems that there are some metaphors and thoughts we can draw from all the rounds so far.

In Round 4, it looks like it is a completely new game, but really, I believe that this round is a culmination of events that has occurred so far.

In this manga, we notice a pattern emerging. The idea of “voting” or a so-called democracy is invoked several times in the Liar Game manga.

Basically, the ideas of “Co-operation” and “Domination”.

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What is Liar Game truly about?

20 05 2010

By someonesama

As one can notice many of the games as well as the behavior of some characters are very logical. For instance, Yokoya, he only acts according his own beliefs in a very logical pattern. His actions are by far the most easily foreseeable, aren’t they? He made a group based only in money factors and no trust because he certainly doesn’t believe in such a thing.

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Liar Game Drama + Movie

12 04 2010

By Nicole

Like others, I’d my qualms about the Liar Game Drama. I still do.

For one thing, they changed Fukunaga (originally a transsexual) to an effeminate man. I kinda disagree that Kanzaki Nao didn’t evolve in the series because I have to admit that she has matured a little in the second season. Casting Matsuda Shota for the role of Shinichi Akiyama was absolutely genius. The introduction of Katsuragi Ryou, however, was not.

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On Assumptions and Absolutes

15 12 2009

Ahh! I really didn’t expect to have to be on such a complete hiatus. >.< Sorry.

Just some thoughts about the current state of the Infection game, and the speculation that’s out there, particularly on the One Manga Forums.

There are some small spoilers for rules the  “Musical Chairs Game,”  but it’s really, deliberately obscure. If you know even the most basic rules, of the game, you’re probably safe.

What seems like the best strategy to get a short-term advantage ends up becoming problematic in the long view. And conversely, what seems really stupid in the short-term might actually help in the long term.


A lot of the “twists” in the game don’t come from stated information being false, but unstated assumptions being false.

I think those statements could really become a thesis for the entirety of Liar Game, and how the story works on an arc-to-arc basis.

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Akiyama working for the LGT?

28 11 2009

More random pet peeving, than analysis.

It seems like there’s a few people (on MangaFox) who think that a good plot twist for Liar Game would be if Akiyama was discovered to be working with the LGT folks, or if he ended up being the mastermind behind the LGT.

Certainly there would be some drama to it. It would be interesting. But personally, that sort of plot twist wouldn’t work either on a story level or on a character level.

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Yokoya Norihiko, Again

30 10 2009

Yokoya Norihiko…

Ah. I must admit, I had a really hard time trying to do a real analysis of him.

He’s a psychopath who desires control and finds Adolf Hitler to be inspirational, except that the loser killed himself.

Uh…I don’t want to enter the head of a character like that. It’s not fun for me.

But I think with the conclusion of the Pandemic Game, I at least have a sense of Yokoya’s limits, which really helped with working back to understanding his motivations. As with my really, really early analyses of Fukunaga and the others, it draws on knowledge from later chapters, but doesn’t actually say anything explicitly. This is basically my idea on who Yokoya is, what he does, and why, in the end, I think he does it.

Of course, this is all speculation.

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Akiyama’s Plan

30 08 2009

And the great analysis of the Best Chapter Ever continues.

With Akiyama’s plan.

It’s a stupid plan thought up by a very smart man.

That’s it.

Wait? Analysis?

Oh right.

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