Re-evaluating Nao Kanzaki

3 09 2009

I apologize for my very extended absence, but I started college and it’s been a very exciting and hectic two weeks!  That’s my disclaimer.  Moving on-

After the discussion with wmhm on the post ‘Fighting the Liar Game’, emails with Jais, and the 2nd revival round, there’s suddenly a different perspective I have towards Nao.

I’ll be using some of the things I said in the comments, and this post is kind of general and short.

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Fukunaga, Revisited

25 08 2009

Hoo boy…Chapter 83…

a.k.a. The chapter where everything changes. Yeah, it’s funny, but it’s also huge in what it’s promising, and what’s happening with the characters. Everyone got a bit more depth to them, and if one thing is certain, the next rounds are going to deviate from the first few rounds where Fukunaga was Evil and Tricky, Nao was Stupid and Naive, and Akiyama was Cool and Awesome. (Okay, I’m sure Akiyama will still be cool and awesome, but he’s starting to show some of his stress.).

So…hope people don’t mind, but there’s going to be a lot of posts coming up. Two for Fukunaga, two for Akiyama…and at least one for Nao. Plus predictions for what’s going to happen in future Rounds, even after the one currently going on.

Overkill? Probably.

But 83 is HUGE. Probably one of the most pivotal chapters in Liar Game. You know because of the caps.

So…on to the thing this chapter that EVERYONE is talking about:

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Chapter 83 is out!

23 08 2009

So… uh…shocking revelations?

Akiyama’s Master Plan!
Fukunaga’s Secret Motive!
Nao’s Power of Trust!

>.> j/k

I must admit this is among my favorite chapters…and the BIG reason why I joined this blog instead of lurking in anonymity.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts?

Chapter 82 reactions?

22 08 2009

So, now that the Stationary Roulette issue has been solved (well, there might still be a couple of nagging points shh!), I want to know: What does everyone think?

Too easy and obvious?

Too devious to possibly be the plan of Kanzaki Nao?

Concluding thoughts?

General’s Battle Reactions:

1 08 2009

I think I said in my last post about it, that this game isn’t so much about what team wins as much as how they win, and why they win. I’ve also been reading some of the conversation, and trying not to spread around so many spoilers. It’s better if people speculate on what really happens but…

Since we’ve got some more specifics now about how things are progressing, I’m gonna give some more specific questions.  I actually want to know who people think is really in control of the game, and why.

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The Western Army Revisited

5 06 2009

After seeing the poker game translated, and going through the next game, I have  come to the following conclusion:

Nishida really is the most perceptive of the Western Army players. He’s also the one who seems to have the ability to notice strange things, and come to the correct conclusions about some of them. He’s the only one of them who notices the strange actions of their opponents and tries to explain them.

He’s also the most trusting of them. On one hand, this leads to his impending defeat at the hands of Fukunaga and his previous debt, but on the other hand, if Kikuchi and Kosaka had listened to him, the whole battle could end a lot sooner, and the deal Akiyama and Nao are offering is much better than anything they could win.

Kikuchi has a pretty neat ability in his dynamic visual acuity, but it’s not until the last game that he actually makes any half-hearted attempt to conceal his good hands from Akiyama. The time for him to not act suspicious was back when he started to track the joker, not on the last game. His winning trick also proved to be his downfall, not just because it made him predictable but because suddenly Kikuchi became blind to any other strategy that Akiyama could use to win the game. That is, he couldn’t actually distance himself from his strategy long enough to get into his opponent’s brain.

As for Kosaka…well, we’ll see… Although her behavior so far has been more in-line with Kikuchi’s than it is with Nishida.

Also: I wonder if the Western Army knows the debts of the Eastern Army. That is, do they know that Akiyama and Nao are both 400 million in the hole, and Fukunaga is even? It’s not ever answered, as far as I can tell, but I’m guessing no.

Apologies for the lack of updates, but slowly the schoolwork is subsiding. There should be more coming soon.

17 Card Poker “Hints”

27 04 2009

I say “hints” because if you troll enough forums, you’re going to hit on something very close to the actual mechanics of the game. After the jump, a few thoughts on deck layout and random ness. Obviously there are spoilers.

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About the West Army

15 04 2009

Okay first… is it just me, or is Nao kind of getting treated pretty badly by her teammates this round?  I didn’t realize until the translated  version came out just how umm…little they both believed in her. Fukunaga’s being pretty insulting towards her, and while Akiyama is being nice enough to her… he doesn’t seem to have the same level of respect he had for her in the third round. To say the least.

So, on to the real purpose of this post:  The Western Army.  Who are they?  What are their stories? Are they really a match for Our Heroes? Well, the third one should be obvious. ^^;;  Spoilers for both the characters and what the upcoming games are (but not their tricks) below the fold.

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