Roots of A

19 03 2009

Not sure if anyone else has heard of it, so here it is:

Roots of A is essentially a manga short featuring Akiyama during his senior year of college. In it, Akiyama and four of his classmates are taking a criminal psychology course and given an assignment where they must construct a profile of a person based on a letter they sent. This outcome of the assignment, plus what the professor says afterwards, is what prompts Akiyama to enter grad-school and continue to study psychology.

It’s not what I expected from a story called, “The Roots of A.” I was thinking that it might give away the whole battle between Akiyama and the Shuuei group. Not so. I also thought it would be longer. Also not so. It’s just a one shot, and I’d like to scan it in for some lovely scanlators to get a hold of. Maybe? Please? Because I’m not sure it’s worth the price for the entire short story collection, if all you want is the Akiyama story.

Anyway, I’m working on translating it right now (it’s complex o.O), and will probably post some analysis later.

But yay for  the chance to see pre-tragedy Akiyama.

Edited to add:

Roots of A raw

Roots of A raw (Read Online/Download)

Roots of A summary

Roots of A analysis

Roots of A translation

The files are completely untranslated, and the quality of the scan isn’t great, but if you’re curious go ahead.  Synopsis post coming when I get done figuring how what the heck is going on. XD



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19 03 2009

Wait, a whole short story collection? Are they all in the ‘Liar Game’ verse?
*fangirl spaz*

WHOOT! More Akiyama!! <3!!!
Can you tell me more about it? 😛 ♥
(haha, sorry, I’ll just wait for your analysis.)

19 03 2009

No… ; ; unfortunately. Only the Akiyama short story is. But he does get the cover page and the color picture inside! The rest of the stories look like they’re a lot older.

And I have a translation started plus a bit of a post talking about pre-tragedy Akiyama. Oh, and Nao appears for like two panels as a background character.

20 03 2009

Oh–I wanted to add that maybe in the main story line, Akiyama’s battle with the Corp. will be revealed. 😀 As part of the last arc or something…

Yay, Nao!
…. They didn’t go to the same college, did they (pssh, I doubt it)? Unless they just passed by each other on the street or something. XD

20 03 2009

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, if it’s revealed at all.

…. They didn’t go to the same college, did they (pssh, I doubt it)?

Nope. Nao would be about 13 in this story (boy, they’re really hammering home that age difference. at least in the long run, it’s not a huge issue). Akiyama is sitting in the background thinking about the assignment, and Nao and her friends are in the foreground.

Nao finds 100 yen, has to turn it in. And one of her friends calls her stupidly honest, because this is Nao after all…

And that’s the extent of her appearance, which is two whole panels.

But immediately afterwards, it seems like Akiyama has a flash of inspiration. So who knows?

20 03 2009

Hahahaha! That’s not very subtle at all in it’s implications!! XD
(afterthought: which are…?)

Who knew that an amazing canon pairing moment could happen without the two characters actually interacting with each other?!


I’m fangirling, aren’t I?

20 03 2009

Totally fangirling.

My first thought was along the “ah hah they were destined for each other~” lines.

So you’re not alone…

22 03 2009

Cool!!! love the liar game and the drama

23 03 2009

I emailed sugooi scans about it, this was their reply:

Hello, I got to see the manga that you uploaded. To prevent the back
side of the page from being seen, I suggest using a black piece of paper.
I hope this helps. Also, the quality is fine, using PS, we can
automatically rotate the image and so forth to the correct angles to make it
look better quality. I hope that you can redo the scans and we can
translate it. ^^
From: Fundefined []
Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009 10:59 AM
To: Dung Le; Earth
Subject: Sugooi Feedback: Liar Game: Roots of A,

It seems to be a prequel but it seems pretty interesting. Just a heads

23 03 2009

ooh, great. ^^ I’d love to see it get translated and released.

i’ll see about redoing scans once spring break is over.

28 03 2009
Project Liar Game » Blog Archive » Good News -

[…] that’s dealt with, here’s the good news. I’m translating Roots of A for Null. On top of that, Null are well advanced with Vol 7. They tell me they’re not going […]

2 04 2009

I’m a bit confused. When exactly did Akiyama’s mother pass away? I always thought it was during his undergraduate years, but thinking about it now, it was probably his graduate years. The manga did say the insurance money she left behind allowed him to safely graduate…

2 04 2009

I believe he was a grad-student, and the safely graduate part was actually for a Master’s degree.

Roots of A takes place 5 years before Liar Game, and according to the newspaper Nao uses to look up Akiyama in the first chapter, Akiyama’s trial happened 3 years ago.

2 04 2009

Oh, that makes sense! I didn’t remember that part from the first volume. Thanks for clarifying that for me. ^^

31 05 2009

I LOVE LIARGAME!!!!!when do you think you will be done translating it?!?!?! OOO.OOO

1 06 2009

Well, Onicchi did a summary, if that’s what you want?
As for an actual translation, we’re waiting on the scanlators to do that (check links on the side). :]
Yay for finding another fan!

1 06 2009

Eh. Since Wholives (the guy behind PLG, and supposedly the translator for Roots of A) seems to have disappeared, I’ve been tempted to work on mine again.

Unfortunately spring quarter has eaten me alive, so any Roots of A work will be postponed until after school gets out.

13 06 2010

It’s a pity only the first chapter is about Akiyama. I really wanted to see how he swindled the MLM.

Related question:
Does anyone think that maybe the other stories’ characters could later take part on Liar Game? Or maybe they will inspire other characters for the series, if they have not done so already? I just read it. My favorite other character was Asuka Kiryu. He’d make an interesting addition to the story, but I don’t see what a funny fortuneteller would be doing there. (Harimoto is not funny, so he’s OK being there. XD)

Off topic:
Why do you think Harimoto is there to begin with? Is it plain greed like I think it is? How disappointing for his followers. I actually am mad at how mean he was to Abe and the other two. They were abused women and he took advantage of them. I at first thought I might like him after he played Yokoya, but he really is no better than him. I also thought at first he could be very smart. He is, but his performance was not as impressive as I thought it would be. Then again, it’s not entirely over for him just yet. He can still make a move.

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