New Games for the Liar Game

22 06 2010

By drekal

I feel that I should explain what the rules to these games could be.

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More than a Hobo

26 05 2010

By Nicole

“Harimoto appeals to what is called the ‘Heart’.”

-Leronira, Chapter 132 Liar Game Manga

I have been interested in Harimoto for some time now, partly because I have a special interest in cults and also the mystery surrounding Harimoto’s faction has been clouded for some time now. What I can draw about Harimoto stems from my knowledge of cults and what Abe-san says about “demons” and etc.

To understand Harimoto better, we need to know how cults or his cult works. It reveals something about how he ‘manipulates’ his little faction.

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Co-operation, Domination and some History

22 05 2010

By Nicole

Personally, I don’t know how Round 4 will turn out. It seems like anyone’s game now (but I believe that’s the magic of the manga artist)! However, it seems that there are some metaphors and thoughts we can draw from all the rounds so far.

In Round 4, it looks like it is a completely new game, but really, I believe that this round is a culmination of events that has occurred so far.

In this manga, we notice a pattern emerging. The idea of “voting” or a so-called democracy is invoked several times in the Liar Game manga.

Basically, the ideas of “Co-operation” and “Domination”.

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Chapter 131 summary

20 05 2010

By chuckie247

Spoilers for 131 and discussion questions enclosed.

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Chapter 130 summary

20 05 2010

By chuckie247

Spoilers for 130 enclosed.

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Liar Game Volumes Download

19 05 2010

So I am the kind of person who loves having raws and scanlations downloaded onto my computer, but I have yet to find a site that offers a complete download of Volumes 9-12.  What I ended up doing recently was putting all the chapters together and giving them different file names so they look neater.  I hope people find this useful, so here are links for Volumes 9-12!  They’re all on MediaFire, but I can put them on Megaupload on request.

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Liar Game Fan Project

18 05 2010

Just taking a break from thesis work to bring an news of an awesome project in the works:

Aolist at the Liar Game LJ community has mentioned something about doing a Liar Game Fanbook over the summer.  For now it will probably end up being a downloadable PDF when it’s done.

So her questions:

Would there be any interest in a hypothetical Liar Game fanbook?

And are there any artists here who would be interested in being involved if this happened?

Otherwise, enjoy today’s Liar Game binge. Oh, and Vol. 12 is coming out.  =D

And P.S. to Chuckie, Silvara, and Just a Game thank you so much for providing content and keeping this site active. ♥

Chapter 129 summary

18 05 2010

By chuckie247

Spoilers for 129 inside.

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Liar Game Theory

17 05 2010

By JustAGame

The great thing about Liar Game is that it is Game Theory but in a practical setting. It takes the analytical approach of Game Theory while being able to portray the reactions and moves of real live players. So this is going to be more of an analyzing of different strategies for each game.

About the Metaphors in the Liar Game Rounds

8 05 2010

By Silvara4Ever

I would like to write in this post some thoughts I’ve been having while reading for the fiftieth time Liar Game from the very first chapter. It’s not like I just discovered this and it’s probably nothing new for any of you either, but here is a chance to give it some thought.

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