A compilation of all the posts.

Nao Kanzaki

Fukunaga Yuuji

Yokoya Norihiko

Predictions (spoiler-less post)

Looking at the Liar Game: Who? (Part 1)

Looking at the Liar Game: Who? (Part 2)

About the West Army

The Western Army Revisited

Italian Unification

Akagi Kouta

Fukunaga, Revisited

Fukunaga and Fairness!

Re-evaluating Nao Kanzaki

Character Development: Akiyama

On the Outbreak

Yokoya Norihiko, Again

In Defense of 97

Akiyama working for LGT?

Kanzaki Nao as a “Female Character”


Spoiler Post!

Spoiling Questions for the Russian Roulette Game

End of Contraband Arc Spoilers

17 Card Poker “Hints”

Looking at the Liar Game: What? (Part 1)

Looking at the Liar Game: What? (Part 2)

Fighting the Liar Game

Pattern Recognition

General’s Battle Reactions

Fun with Vaccinations! (Round 4 Spoilers)

Chapter 82 reactions?

Chapter 83 is out!

Akiyama’s Plan

Liar Game and Human Nature

On Assumptions and Absolutes


Roots of A

Roots of A~ Summary

Roots of A~Analysis

Roots of A~Translation

Roots of A 2

Comparison between the Manga version and the J-drama version

Liar Game vs. Death Note (Akiyama vs. Light)

10 Questions for Fukunaga

Working out the Math

Following the Time

“People should be doubted”

Language Issues + Fukunaga

What I’m looking forward to in Musical Chairs game


Akiyama x Nao

Re: Cover of Vol 8

Happy Cover Art

Akiyama x Nao Moments: Volume 1

Akiyama x Nao Moments: Volume 2

Why I Love Akiyama x Nao

OMG YAY! New Revival Round! (Mild Spoilers)

Translation Pitfalls

Possible Plot Twists of Liar Game

Shout Outs!

Silly Deathmatch Battles!

Player Roster

Just something I noticed in the past chapters

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Liar King?

Liar King Quiz Results


By Nicole:

Who is the Main Character?

Liar Game Drama + Movie

Co-operation, Domination and some History

More than a Hobo

By chuckie247:

Toda Erika interview: Liar Game drama series Season 2

Chapter Summaries (scroll to bottom)

By Silvara4Ever:

The Egos in Liar Game

About the Metaphors in the Liar Game Rounds

By JustAGame:

Liar Game Theory

By someonesama

What is Liar Game truly about?

By drekal

New Games for the Liar Game

7 responses

28 03 2009
Momo #100100

OMG… There is actually a website for this manga!!! OMG… OMG… sorry… hehe i really just absolutely love this manga!!

28 04 2009


12 02 2010

Wish you would do more Nao x Akiyama analysis… they make me so happy! 8D

And every hate comment I see on Yokoya and his stupid eyebrows puts me in fits of laughter~

23 05 2010

i think that liar game would make a very good reality-based tv show..

6 06 2010
yokoya's missing eyebrows

I enjoy reading liar game , it’s one of those things that you get easily addicted with.

It’s websites like this that gives joy to liar game fans . Keep rockin’.

23 06 2010

Hi everybody.
Be careful – spoiler alert about chapter 112 & 113 !!!! 🙂

How is it possible that Nao eliminates the chair #14 twice ?!
Thanks for helping me to understand.

18 11 2012

great site 😀

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