New Games for the Liar Game

22 06 2010

By drekal

I feel that I should explain what the rules to these games could be.

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More than a Hobo

26 05 2010

By Nicole

“Harimoto appeals to what is called the ‘Heart’.”

-Leronira, Chapter 132 Liar Game Manga

I have been interested in Harimoto for some time now, partly because I have a special interest in cults and also the mystery surrounding Harimoto’s faction has been clouded for some time now. What I can draw about Harimoto stems from my knowledge of cults and what Abe-san says about “demons” and etc.

To understand Harimoto better, we need to know how cults or his cult works. It reveals something about how he ‘manipulates’ his little faction.

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Liar Game Fan Project

18 05 2010

Just taking a break from thesis work to bring an news of an awesome project in the works:

Aolist at the Liar Game LJ community has mentioned something about doing a Liar Game Fanbook over the summer.  For now it will probably end up being a downloadable PDF when it’s done.

So her questions:

Would there be any interest in a hypothetical Liar Game fanbook?

And are there any artists here who would be interested in being involved if this happened?

Otherwise, enjoy today’s Liar Game binge. Oh, and Vol. 12 is coming out.  =D

And P.S. to Chuckie, Silvara, and Just a Game thank you so much for providing content and keeping this site active. ♥

What I’m looking forward to in the Musical Chairs game

28 02 2010

Some of it serious, some of it silly:

Mild spoilers.

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Liar King Quiz Results

24 02 2010

Since I know you’ve all been waiting for them.

And be thankful that I was so lazy I  scrapped my original plan of replacing A-H with various symbols so no one would even have an idea of where they ranked until this post.

These are direct translations, and all errors are my own.

If you haven’t taken the quiz, you can take it here. Otherwise, answers are below.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Liar King?

20 02 2010

Taken from the Liar Game Invitation.  The questions are all direct translations, and all mistakes are mine. No spoilers at all within the contents of the quiz.

Liar King Aptitude Test

“If you were a participant in the Liar Game” … Test your aptitude and realize your secret ambition! Unless of course you’re overwhelmed by your lack of talent!?

Instructions: Start from question 1, and skip to the next question based on your answers. The letters A-H determine your ranking.

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Happy Cover Art

14 02 2010

Yes, I know you really can’t guarantee anything from cover/color art normally from this manga. Up to and including what Akiyama’s ‘real’ hair color is and what Nao’s ‘real’ eyecolor is (seriously, color art shows it as either being blue or brown).

That said, Kaitani is definitely using his cover art to pander to the keen-eyed supporters of the Akiyama x Nao pairing. Especially since it would be difficult to do so within the story itself without derailing the plot.

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