Interview with Toda Erika

2 09 2010

So, I made a serious attempt to watch the second season of the Liar Game drama.  I didn’t make it mostly because watching some of the changes made to Akiyama, Nao, and Fukunaga were hard to watch knowing how things went in the manga and liking that level of character development better.

Though, some of the minor characters were wonderfully cast (Makizono and Nishida, more particularly) and I think I like Eri better than the other dealers.

But enough of that. Here’s an interview with Toda Erika (the actress who plays Nao), it seems older based on the content, but it’s still an interesting read.

Vol 12 Color Art

10 06 2010

…or Kaitani pulled one over on me. 0.0

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More than a Hobo

26 05 2010

By Nicole

“Harimoto appeals to what is called the ‘Heart’.”

-Leronira, Chapter 132 Liar Game Manga

I have been interested in Harimoto for some time now, partly because I have a special interest in cults and also the mystery surrounding Harimoto’s faction has been clouded for some time now. What I can draw about Harimoto stems from my knowledge of cults and what Abe-san says about “demons” and etc.

To understand Harimoto better, we need to know how cults or his cult works. It reveals something about how he ‘manipulates’ his little faction.

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Co-operation, Domination and some History

22 05 2010

By Nicole

Personally, I don’t know how Round 4 will turn out. It seems like anyone’s game now (but I believe that’s the magic of the manga artist)! However, it seems that there are some metaphors and thoughts we can draw from all the rounds so far.

In Round 4, it looks like it is a completely new game, but really, I believe that this round is a culmination of events that has occurred so far.

In this manga, we notice a pattern emerging. The idea of “voting” or a so-called democracy is invoked several times in the Liar Game manga.

Basically, the ideas of “Co-operation” and “Domination”.

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Toda Erika interview: Liar Game drama series Season 2

18 04 2010

By chuckie247

Q: It’s been two years since the filming of Liar Game.  How does it feel to be back on the set?

A: When I see Akiyama, it brings back so many memories (hehehe, it’s about to begin)…

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Who is the Main Character?

8 04 2010

By Nicole

(Slight allusion to the post “Kanzaki Nao as a Female Character”)

In the beginning of the manga, it seems like Nao is the regular damsel in distress; resorting to a dubious lawyer (who turned out to be working for the LGT office) and ends up crying because there are no roads out of her sometimes hopeless situations already cast her in a dim light.

In short, she’s a bit of a dim wit. Kanzaki Nao kind of represents the line that “Fraily thy name is woman” (Just for your information, it is from Hamlet).

That is not, however, the case.

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Kanzaki Nao as a “Female Character”

8 03 2010

Disclaimer: Contains TV Tropes links and personal opinions.

Partially inspired by this post at Hyper-Parfait. Partially the product of my own recent thoughts and ramblings.

A few things to understand, before we get started:

  1. By and large, I really am drawn to female/feminine characters.
  2. Even when they are poorly done, I can’t really hate them, only ignore them.
  3. I think poorly done characters are the fault of the creator, not the (fictional) character themselves, so I really don’t ‘get’ the point of character bashing.

One more thing to understand: Nao is not, in my opinion, a poorly done character (female or no). So while I have a few issues with the women (or lack thereof) in Liar Game,  I really love the way that Kanzaki Nao is written in the manga.

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Happy Cover Art

14 02 2010

Yes, I know you really can’t guarantee anything from cover/color art normally from this manga. Up to and including what Akiyama’s ‘real’ hair color is and what Nao’s ‘real’ eyecolor is (seriously, color art shows it as either being blue or brown).

That said, Kaitani is definitely using his cover art to pander to the keen-eyed supporters of the Akiyama x Nao pairing. Especially since it would be difficult to do so within the story itself without derailing the plot.

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Why I Love Akiyama x Nao

14 02 2010

A Very Happy Valentines Day to Everyone! If you believe in that sort of thing, that is.  At any rate, it’s a great excuse for moah AkiyamaxNao lurve!! ^__^ ❤

Disclaimer:  Very informal and almost rant-ish 🙂

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Just something I noticed in the past chapters.

31 01 2010

I must say, for all the criticisms of Kaitani’s art (and I do have a couple), one thing that he tends to get down stat are facial expressions, particularly in the later chapters. Not the overly exaggerated panicked ones the characters get when they’ve just been had, but some of the more subtle ones. Particularly in 97 and 98.

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