Vol 12 Color Art

10 06 2010

…or Kaitani pulled one over on me. 0.0

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Co-operation, Domination and some History

22 05 2010

By Nicole

Personally, I don’t know how Round 4 will turn out. It seems like anyone’s game now (but I believe that’s the magic of the manga artist)! However, it seems that there are some metaphors and thoughts we can draw from all the rounds so far.

In Round 4, it looks like it is a completely new game, but really, I believe that this round is a culmination of events that has occurred so far.

In this manga, we notice a pattern emerging. The idea of “voting” or a so-called democracy is invoked several times in the Liar Game manga.

Basically, the ideas of “Co-operation” and “Domination”.

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Possible Plot Twists of Liar Game

20 04 2009

…A.K.A “If Liar Game were a Shoujo Manga”.
Pure idiocy & some crudeness.  A lot of them came from emails between Onicchi and me. 🙂

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Looking at the Liar Game: Who?

26 03 2009

Blargh…need another post…but the one I prepared I’m gonna sit on for a bit. ~.^ Timing and all.

So, let’s talk about the big bad, the Liar Game Corporation (a.k.a. the LGT, for Liar Game Tournament, or simply the Corporation).

It’s pretty mysterious, and it’s the central premise (and namesake) of the manga. And it’s kind of worth looking into. Possibly over the course of two or three posts.

So, below the cut:  The ‘who’ of the Liar Game.

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Yokoya Norihiko

15 03 2009

I hate Yokoya, but he makes a pretty good villain, for three major reasons.

1. He’s difficult to like and cheer for.

A lot of villains in other series are cool, probably cooler than the main characters could ever hope to be. Yokoya is creepy. The squinted eyes. The mice. The manipulation and total control of his team members. I’m sure some people think he’s cool, but from my perspective, it’s incredibly difficult to cheer for Yokoya when he’s placed against the Nao/Akiyama/Fukunaga team.

In short, I want him to lose, thoroughly. I can think of no situation where his victory would be anything worth cheering for.

2. He serves as a match for all three main characters.

In a way, Yokoya is a parallel to all the other characters. He is as intelligent as Akiyama, and likely he understands the tools of psychological manipulation as well as Akiyama. His ruthlessness surpasses Fukunaga, but it’s eerie how well Fukunaga can understand and articulate exactly what and how Yokoya thinks. But as smart and awesome as these two people are, Yokoya’s real match is Nao.

What Yokoya and Nao share that Fukunaga and Akiyama lack is the ability to influence other people’s motivations. Nao and Yokoya have different philosophies, end goals, and methods, but their effect on a team are eerily similar. Nao and Yokoya at several points hold the fate of team members in their hands.

3. I want to see what he does next.

Despite hating him, despite wanting to see him suffer a crushing defeat at the hands of our heroes, I really want to see what he’s going to do next. Say what you will about Yokoya, he’s not an idiot, and it’s going to take a lot from Nao, Akiyama, and Fukunaga to bring him down. In the mean time, he’s going to fight back. Actually, scratch that. Yokoya plays offense, and so defeating Yokoya will mean countering his plans while coming up with a strategy of their own.

About Yokoya, here are my predictions:
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