Liar Game Fan Project

18 05 2010

Just taking a break from thesis work to bring an news of an awesome project in the works:

Aolist at the Liar Game LJ community has mentioned something about doing a Liar Game Fanbook over the summer.  For now it will probably end up being a downloadable PDF when it’s done.

So her questions:

Would there be any interest in a hypothetical Liar Game fanbook?

And are there any artists here who would be interested in being involved if this happened?

Otherwise, enjoy today’s Liar Game binge. Oh, and Vol. 12 is coming out.  =D

And P.S. to Chuckie, Silvara, and Just a Game thank you so much for providing content and keeping this site active. ♥

Chapter 112 summary

22 04 2010

By chuckie247

Summary for 112 below. This means spoilers.

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108 Discussion Post

6 04 2010

Chapter 108 is up at One Manga.

Post your thoughts, opinions, conjectures, and theories here (and please ROT-13 spoilers if you’re referencing later chapters).

Random thoughts below the fold.

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Kanzaki Nao as a “Female Character”

8 03 2010

Disclaimer: Contains TV Tropes links and personal opinions.

Partially inspired by this post at Hyper-Parfait. Partially the product of my own recent thoughts and ramblings.

A few things to understand, before we get started:

  1. By and large, I really am drawn to female/feminine characters.
  2. Even when they are poorly done, I can’t really hate them, only ignore them.
  3. I think poorly done characters are the fault of the creator, not the (fictional) character themselves, so I really don’t ‘get’ the point of character bashing.

One more thing to understand: Nao is not, in my opinion, a poorly done character (female or no). So while I have a few issues with the women (or lack thereof) in Liar Game,  I really love the way that Kanzaki Nao is written in the manga.

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What I’m looking forward to in the Musical Chairs game

28 02 2010

Some of it serious, some of it silly:

Mild spoilers.

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Liar Game movie

27 02 2010

Posted without too much commentary (and no translation):

Trailer for the Liar Game Movie

I know I’ve had my issues with the drama in the past (have seen the whole first season and bits of the second), but we can be friends again, right? =P

There’s more information about it with the link.

Liar King Quiz Results

24 02 2010

Since I know you’ve all been waiting for them.

And be thankful that I was so lazy I  scrapped my original plan of replacing A-H with various symbols so no one would even have an idea of where they ranked until this post.

These are direct translations, and all errors are my own.

If you haven’t taken the quiz, you can take it here. Otherwise, answers are below.

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