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6 12 2011

So Chapter 140 is out and promises new and exciting twists to this consolation round. That is not a spoiler because virtually every chapter promises new and exciting twists. However the reactions and speculations below are probably spoilers.

  • The splash art is the only part of the chapter that features Akiyama and Nao. I wonder if it’s just for this chapter, or if we’ll have to wait to see what’s going on with them.
  • Looks like Kurifuji at least follows Yokoya around most of the time. Is that a special case, or something that happens with most of the players, at least past a certain point?
  • Yokoya still believes this to be a competition about control, but he’s definitely moved from focusing directly on influencing other players to getting more information, though still with the end of influencing others in mind.
  • Fukunaga is a total troll and she enjoys every moment of it. She also strikes me as really brave here, since she’s definitely antagonizing him on purpose.
  • So, it looks like Yokoya isn’t bluffing about having information, or at least his knowledge itself is genuine. I’d think the more important questions are where is he getting it from and how will he use it.
  • So, Bid Poker, huh?
  • But more big-picturely, I’m definitely enjoying getting a look into the structure of the corporation, including the chief executive.

In less bullet point discussion, I’m looking forward to seeing how this game goes. Yokoya does have an information advantage, but at the same time, Fukunaga’s not someone who gives in easily. I have a feeling that either having the extra information beforehand isn’t as game-breaking as Yokoya thinks it is or we might actually see Fukunaga go double agent on us.



11 responses

6 12 2011

I am really intrigued with the mention of a 5th Round. I thought the 4th Round was meant to the final stage of the game! :S Anyone have any idea how many more rounds there will be?

6 12 2011

@meardearna My bet is 10 rounds or until there are not enough players to play.

I am extremely curious as to how Yokoya got that information. Anyone have any theories?

7 12 2011

Realistically, the rounds will probably keep coming until Kaitani decides to end the manga.

7 12 2011

One part that caught my attention in particular was when Yokoya approached the dealer to ask about Akiyama and Nao. I think there was another purpose there. Pick the dealer’s pocket, get the rulebook and speed read it? No, the cameras would have caught that. The theory does have some narrative effectiveness since that was foreshadowed earlier in the chapter, but the cameras would have definitely seen that.

7 12 2011

I think his information might have come from outside the game time, just because we’ve seen Yokoya getting information from the corporation before (look at the last two pages of ch 83). Plus while the speed reading was foreshadowed, the pickpocketing would have come from nowhere.

7 12 2011

It’s interesting that we’re now actually getting to see two concurrent games (this had never happened). This probably means we’ll see two very different strategies come into play for the same game. It also feels like the concurrent rounds have a seeding system where you’ll only ever have a couple strong players among lots of weak players. It wouldn’t make sense to stack a single Consolation game with Harimoto + Yokoya + Akiyama/Nao. Any thoughts?

7 12 2011

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the different strategies go especially because we might even be looking at multiple winning strategies being implemented in each game, since we don’t know yet how many people will be allowed to advance. Though separating out the strong players gives a much higher possibility of all the strong players moving on than putting them all in the same block. And I agree they probably do have a seeding system, and very likely one that isn’t random at all, considering how much control they exercise over every other part of the game.

7 12 2011

I kind of squealed at the coverpage, because I thought Akiyama and Nao were holding hands. xD

Great chapter, I never would have thought someone would troll the Liar Game Office, for once. And Yokoya did not beat around the bush, or come out with a statement like, “this is what Liar Game is REALLY about!”

I was a bit disappointed that the “boss” looked like Emperor Palpatine….;)

7 12 2011

No hand holding, sadly. :\

And Yokoya had to come out with something “genuine” sooner or later, considering his track record, or else he’s not really a viable threat.

And yeesh, what is up with that character design? You’ve got business casual (the regular dealers), suits (handlers), tuxedos (the main dealers) and then…hooded robes for the chief executive?

7 12 2011

Yes!!! I was hoping to see the other section as well. I wonder though if the Akiyama/Nao team is going to play the same game.

I think Fukunaga has every right to be antagonizing Yokoya. Yokoya may be smart but he still needs lackeys for his plans to succeed (all his plans required a group or other players’ compliance of some kind) and it was a given that Yokoya wouldn’t have any allies this round until he revealed the name of the game (now it’s possible that people might side with him based on that).

I hope Yokoya knew the game because he “understands the purpose of the Liar Game.” Cause that means that there are hints to the true intent of the LGT within the games themselves or that the LGT has made a mistake that players like Akiyama can take advantage of in order to defeat it.

7 12 2011

So far it seems like all the games have been identical for all the blocks (we know round 2 and the 1 consolation match were the same for Akagi’s group and Akiyama/Nao’s group), so there’s that precedent at least.

Yeah, Yokoya needed a new trick, since he’s pretty much been robbed of his old ones (people know what he’s up to, and the whole issue with the Pandemic game should make him wary of just tossing around his money).

Right now, my guess is that Yokoya knows about the next game they’ll be playing because he has access to an outside source of information (albeit one that’s available to any player who knows to look for it). I don’t know if he actually knows anything about the entirety of the game itself or the LGT’s intent, so much as he thinks he has a winning strategy.

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