Interview with Toda Erika

2 09 2010

So, I made a serious attempt to watch the second season of the Liar Game drama.  I didn’t make it mostly because watching some of the changes made to Akiyama, Nao, and Fukunaga were hard to watch knowing how things went in the manga and liking that level of character development better.

Though, some of the minor characters were wonderfully cast (Makizono and Nishida, more particularly) and I think I like Eri better than the other dealers.

But enough of that. Here’s an interview with Toda Erika (the actress who plays Nao), it seems older based on the content, but it’s still an interesting read.



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3 09 2010

I’m not a great fan of the drama; IMHO the manga is 1.000 times better, and yes, I may be biased because I read the manga first and watched the drama afterwards (people who follow the opposite order tend to disagree with this). However, I am looking forward to watch the movie and finally wave goodbye to the drama. It’s been out for a while, but I guess we won’t get to see it till it comes out in DVD format… Any idea when this will be?

And on another unrelated subject… Sorry if this has been asked and/or explained like a million times already, but what is going on with Liar Game? Are we waiting for a new volume to come out? When is that going to be? I’m going to go crazy one of these days… I miss it so much.

3 09 2010

I wouldn’t mind seeing the movie, but I’m not itching to see it. I think the DVD comes out later this month.

I think Liar Game is on hiatus after 138 and…I’m not sure when the next round is coming out, but it was 6 months between chapters 83 (end of the revival round) and 84 (start of the pandemic game).

14 09 2010

A few friends have told me that they were able to watch the Final Stage on their plane ride from HK.

21 09 2010

Well, I finally got to watch the movie, and sooner than I thought, I gotta say… For those who haven’t checked the mangafox forums lately, here is the links to watch it with English subs (for the most of it anyway):

Well, I’ll write my impressions in Rot13 since it would be a big fat spoiler otherwise.

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2, orpnhfr gur “ebznapr” cneg vf whfg nf fhogyr nf va gur znatn. Bxnl, fb gurer vf n “frzv” uht. Ohg vg’f whfg n zrnaf sbe Nxvlnzn gb fnl fbzrguvat gb Anb va frperg. Ab pbasrffvbaf, ab xvffrf, ab NYGRENGVBAF bs punenpgre. Yrg’f snpr vg: gurl unir abg orra gur ebznagvp glcr hc gvyy abj, naq gurl fubhyqa’g fhqqrayl ghea vagb gung abj. Gur raqvat jnf dhvgr pbby, V guvax. Gung cuenfr sebz Nxvlnzn, “jbhyq lbh or noyr gb yvir jvgu zl yvrf?”, V guvax vg vf gur zbfg fvtavsvpnag fragrapr rire fnvq ol uvz. Irel jryy qbar; vg vf gur xvaq bs guvat gung gb fuvccref yvxr zr whfg svyyf jvgu wbl whfg guvaxvat bs gur vzcyvpngvbaf. Rira sbe gur qenzn Nxvlnzn naq Anb, orgjrra juvpu V nyernql fnvq bapr gung V sbhaq ab purzvfgel ng nyy, gung jnf whfg cresrpg.

3, orpnhfr gur tnzr gur znqr hc rkpyhfviryl sbe gur ynfg ebhaq jnf dhvgr pbby. Rira gubhtu gurer jrer fbzr gjvfgf gung V sbhaq n yvggyr gbb pbairavrag, yvxr gur erq nccyrf orvat fvyire nsgre orvat oheag hc. Gb or ubarfg, V qvqa’g zvff gur zhfvpny punvef tnzr.

4, orpnhfr pbagenel gb jung gurl qvq gur ynfg gvzr va gur svefg frnfba bs gur qenzn, abg unys bs gur zbivr vf znqr bhg bs phgf sebz cerivbhf puncgref. Gur zbivr vf, gunax Tbq, gur erny guvat. Vg gbbx n juvyr sbe hf gb or noyr gb jngpu vg, ohg vg jnf jbegu vg.

Gur rkgen punenpgref jrer bx, va gur yvarf bs jung unf orra gur qenzn hc gvyy abj, naq Shxhantn vf whfg gur fnzr… V guvax gurl gevrq gb erqrrz uvz nobhg unysjnl va gur zbivr, ohg whfg jngpuvat uvz orgenl Anb va gur svefg 20 zvahgrf jnf dhvgr rabhtu. Gnyx nobhg fvzvynevgvrf jvgu gur znatn Shxhantn. Trrm.

Bgure guna gung, V’z whfg qlvat gb qvfphff nyy guvf. Bcvavbaf?

26 09 2010

I was hoping that the red apples were edible xD

Thanks a lot for the link!! Finally got around to watch it and loved every moment of it. Here’s my bit:

1. Gur ynfg ibgr jnf fb evfxl. Jvgu Nxvlnzn hc bayl ol bar zvyyvba (bire 3 crbcyr) naq ab bar xabjvat bs uvf qrny jvgu Lbxbln, nal bar bs gubfr 3 crbcyr pbhyq unir fvyire’rq gurve jnl vagb n jva. Nygubhtu V jbhyq unir cersreerq guvf fpranevb zhpu zber fvapr “Nxvlnzn pyvapurq gur jva” jbhyq or gbb rnfl.

2. Gur snpg gung Fraqbh, qrfcvgr orvat n cynag, pbbcrengrq jvgu gur nyy-erq ibgr whfg fubjrq ubj fgebat Anb vf. Ohg vg frrzf ernyyl hasnve gb unir n cynag, naq jbhyqa’g ur or pbzcrafngrq, be ng yrnfg unir xabja nobhg gur nyy-erq tnzoyr?

3. Nxvlnzn purpxrq qhevat gur svefg ibgr jung gur erq nccyrf jrer znqr bs, fb ur vagragvbanyyl ohearq gur tbyq nf cneg bs uvf cyna (nf bccbfrq gb oheavat gur fvyire). Nyfb, jura gur ehyrf jrer rkcynvarq, gurer jnf ab rynobengvba bs “lbh pna ohea gur erq nccyrf”, fb Nxvlnzn cebonoyl cvpxrq hc n uvag gurer.

4. V ubarfgyl qvqa’g yvxr gur snpg gung Nxvlnzn pnzr onpx, cebonoyl bar bs gubfr “pbairavrag gjvfgf” gung Fvyinen zragvbarq. Nyy guvf gvzr V jnf guvaxvat gung Anb jbhyq jva guvf gbheanzrag, naq jvgu Nxvlnzn’f rkvg V gubhtug gung gur erfg bs gur tnzr jbhyq or zbfg vagrerfgvat nf Anb jbhyq unir gb trg gurer jvgubhg Nxvlnzn’f uryc. Naq Rgb fgrccvat va frrzrq gb envfr zl ubcrf… Nxvlnzn’f erghea gbgnyyl qvffvcngrq nal fvtaf bs qrfcnve gung jnf gurer.

5. Nobhg gur “bhggnxrf” V zragvbarq va nabgure cbfg…V erzrzore jngpuvat n pyvc juvpu pbagnvarq gur vagebqhpgvba bs cynlref jura Anb fgrccrq vagb gur Tneqra bs Rqra. Jura Rgb fgrccrq va gb terrg Anb fur nfxrq uvz jung ur jnf qbvat gurer naq ur unq n srj guvatf gb fnl. Fnzr fpranevb jvgu Avfuvqn (V rfcrpvnyyl erzrzore Avfuvqn gnccvat uvf urnq jvgu uvf svatre).

Still, awesome movie. All business, and not as cheesy as Season 2. It’s the finals after all…and like the dealer said (according to the translator at least): “You’re all seasoned veterans.”

26 09 2010

Is it just me or is the movie a bit incomplete? I had watched various clips I found online and there was a bit more dialogue during the introduction of the players to the Final Stage than in the link that you posted. Pretty sure Nao would ask why Eto was in the Final Stage.

The clips I found could be outtakes too…dunno… :S

28 11 2010

That’s true!! I was wondering what Eto was doing in there….did you find another website with the outtake clips in it? If so, could you include the link?

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