Roots of A 2

15 02 2010

Unofficial Title: Return of Happy Akiyama.

A very short summary:

It’s July 5 years before the Liar Game. Akiyama is 22 years old and a senior at Teito University. Akiyama happens to be in Professor Okabe’s office when another professor comes in with a problem. Someone has broken into his locked desk drawer, and wants Okabe to help determine who did it. However, the prime suspect happens to be a classmate of Akiyama’s from high-school, Aratani.

I haven’t done the dictionary work yet, but it appears to be the story of how Akiyama learned that doubting others is not bad.

You can download the RAW (originally uploaded by Raw Paradise) here.



10 responses

16 02 2010

Yayy sounds interesting, I’m going to check it out!! ^_^

16 02 2010

Omg, a new Roots of A??? Wah, that mad my day (and I JUST woke up lol)!!!

I wonder if Kaitani is planning to do the roots of other characters. I don’t know, it would be quite interesting to see a Roots of Y, or a Roots of F. It would solve so many questions…

16 02 2010

*sigh* I wish. Probably not, though.

16 02 2010

There’s another volume of ‘Roots’? Cool! I hope it gets scanned… some day. I won’t bother to look at the raws ’cause I can’t read Japanese. T_T
I wonder if it continues ‘Forbidden Divination’ from the 1st book? I really liked that story, and wanted to see what would happen to the master fortune-teller.

16 02 2010

So far it’s only the short story with Akiyama in Monthly Young Jump. I don’t know if another full volume of Roots is going to come out yet.

16 02 2010
Sapphire Pyro

Thanks for this! A brief summary’s better than having no idea what’s going on in the raw at all. Hehe.

16 02 2010

Thanks, I was looking for it on the web but you have found it for me! In my guess, there will be still some more of Akiyama’s, Nao’s and, perhaps, Fukunaga’s past to explain the their current dynamics and personalities. Maybe, even other new characters might be add in this such as Yokoya or someone that appeared or will appear in the latest books.

26 02 2010

Nice. I want to read it 😀 Hopefully it’ll all be translated soon ^______^

29 04 2010

I hope the third Roots of A serialisation will be about the MLM corporation that Akiyama destroyed.

29 04 2010

I actually doubt that we’re ever going to see that, except maybe as a flashback in the main story.

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