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9 10 2009

Just short random bits of scanlation/fandom news:

1. In case you missed it: Roots of A has been turned into a scanlation. Also, if you’re interested in the rest of the short stories, there are translations of those as well.

2. In case you’re wondering what’s up with Null and the release delays: Their RAW scanner disappeared for a bit, and since their policy is to work with only tankobon raws and not magazine raws (the quality of the tankos is MUCH higher than the quality for magazines). When I contacted  to offer to scan, I got a response that the scanner was back.

3. If you’re looking for another site that does LG Analysis: Mangakissa is another site that has a few up. The author does said analysis from a completely different angle than what’s done here, and we don’t quite see eye-to-eye on a few things, but it’s certainly something the analysis hungry among you might want to check out. Especially those who think more mathematically and/or want to avoid spoilers for untranslated rounds.

P.S. Watch for an analysis post sometime this weekend. =D



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10 10 2009

Thank you so much! If you hadn’t made this post I would have missed this scan. Why have I been so oblivious lately to LG? Thank you again! ^_^

10 10 2009

Thanks for the advert. What she means by different is: I don’t do character analysis, ONLY games (if and when they are doable).

Looking forward to new chapters from your spoilers on 103!!

10 10 2009

I think you should scan later chapters anyway. Null doesn’t own Liar Game. You have as much right to scanlate as they do. How they got all pissy last time someone was scanlating pissed me off. Someone needs to stand up to them. I would if I knew how to scanlate. At very least, make a proposal: Either they hire you to scanlate or you scanlate the chapters yourself.

10 10 2009

Problem is (and I’ve been approached about this before): I really don’t have the time or skills needed to do regular translations/scanlations.

I offered to scan the RAWs because I want them available. But actually scanning them would mean buying another copy, and then getting scanner access. So it’s something I’d do to help get Liar Game out there, if it was needed, but not something I want to do.

Honestly, Null is slow, but what they produce translation and scanlation-wise is incredibly high-quality.

10 10 2009

What if someone else were to get you the copies?

10 10 2009


12 10 2009

Yay! Some more stuff here :3

1. What’s will all these other people coming out of nowhere and scanlating LG? Oh well… I’m actually not really motivated to read it, since I read your summary. (Definitely a good call not to read your summaries of the actual LG, then :P) At least this scanlation looks good… I might read it (or NULL’s, if it’s late enough >_>) when I’m bored and have nothing else to do.

2. Yay! 😀

3. Yay! 😀 Will check it out! If it’s focused on the games, I think I will like it a lot…

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