Roots of A translation.

6 07 2009

Yeah. That’s right. It’s a translation, although it hasn’t been checked or proofread or anything.

The only things I ask is a) that you ask me before reposting or using it in a scanlation, b) you give me a link, and c) you give credit.




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9 07 2009

Where is a raw of Roots of A, so I can see the pictures, too? ^^’

(Sorry if It’s actually right there… I didn’t really look that hard)

9 07 2009

Where is a raw of this, so I can read the text and look at the pics? ^^’

(Sorry if it’s right there… I’m kinda oblivious. Also sorry if this message shows up twice =\ )

9 07 2009
The link is there if you click the picture of Akiyama on the right and then scroll down.

2 10 2009

Hi, I have used your translation for Roots of A.
Here’s the link:

2 10 2009

Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you!

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