Akiyama x Nao

24 03 2009


So I told Onicchi that I’d be taking a temporary hiatus from the blog to spend time scanning Volumes 7 & 8 instead, but the fangirl in me just CAN’T HELP IT!


Warning: Mild spoilers ahead– but they’re really Akiyama x Nao moments, not plot related anyway.

So I’ve only looked at Volume 7 so far and a bit of Volume 8, but it’s been AWESOME.  Shinobu Kaitani devotes AN ENTIRE PANEL to Akiyama resting (…tapping) his hand on Nao’s shoulder while she appeared worried.  Then HE told HER to believe.

Yay, she’s rubbing off on him!! <33

Even BETTER was when he told her to ‘wait’ and grabbed her arm.

GRABBED HER ARM.  As in the corny romance “don’t go” GRABBING ARM.  Darn, why won’t he just kiss her already?!

And geez, Nao is just made up of epic win in this volume.

Onicchi, this is where I need your help (to affirm it it’s an accurate translation :P) :
Towards the end of Volume 8, Akiyama looks pissed off at something Nao did (cue to a scene where he was standing behind Nao, his hand placed on her shoulder.  It wasn’t even a ‘tap’), and after Nao says something, he completely bursts on her, yelling and berating her (for what, I didn’t bother to look up yet).  But Nao’s still smiling, and apparently she blows the lid off something, leading to his complete shock and surprise and exclamations of “haaa?”

GOD, Nao = <3.  I love it when she does that huge smile of hers.

It’s been clear from the start that Akiyama has been protective of Nao, even if he never showed any physical contact/…intimacy.  He’s never bothered to mince words (he’s completely honest with her), and continuously tells her things along the lines of “stop crying!  It won’t solve a thing!”  During Round 2, Fukunaga was hilarious when probing why Nao wanted to stick to Akiyama, saying “Do you two have something going on?”, much to my delight.  The expression that accompanied those words was amusing too.

The best part in Round 2 came when Nao returned to the mansion where the tournament was being held– Akiyama reacts by yelling (again!) “You came back?!  What for?!”.  Nao can’t see it, but the readers can — it’s obvious that Akiyama’s quite upset.  And I’m assuming it’s because he’s concerned.

….and unfortunately, that’s all I have to say for now.
*dreamy far-off look*…

So, Onicchi, are there other moments that jump out in your mind?

EDIT: Onicchi pointed this out– and I can’t believe I didn’t even see it!!!
On the cover of Volume 8, Akiyama and Nao are holding hands!!!!

Also, Onicchi has translated the last chapter of Volume 8 — and when Nao reveals something (to the surprise of Akiyama), she says “Akiyama-san still doesn’t pay close attention to women’s feelings, does he?” — and then suddenly switches the topic (slightly turning red and looking embarrased)!!

EDIT 2: Uploaded the Cover of Volume 8.  I also made markings all over it– consider it a watermark, if you will….


EDIT 3:  My two most favorite AkiyamaxNao moments (especially more like Akiyama -> Nao, and he doesn’t even realize it!)

akiyamaxnao1 akiyamaxnao2

sheru was totally right, Nao blushed after that! XD

She’s not as oblivious as one would expect.  At least she realizes that SOMETHING is going on.
And how does Akiyama have a masters in Psychology and not realize that Nao is developing feelings for him??
Poor guy, he really must have closed himself off after his mother’s death…




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24 03 2009

nnnoooo come back and say more!!!! lol thanks for all your work!

25 03 2009


And I mean all of it.

1. Akiyama figures out that Nao is in trouble precisely because she stopped calling him so many times.

2. When he learns about the comeback round, he’s literally running to the bowling alley trying to get to her.

3. Can anyone forget the “I’m just another one of Kanzaki Nao’s belongings?” line?

25 03 2009

Ohh, that’s right!! XD
I totally laughed at that one, how could I have forgotten it?!
Pssh, forget a woman’s feelings, Akiyama doesn’t even know his own!!! ^o^<3

25 03 2009

nope. ^^ it is kind of nice to see something he’s not 100% savvy of. XD

28 03 2009
Momo #100100

OMG… #3 is soooo true~

28 03 2009

#3 is so true! not that i mean 1 and 2 aren’t true~~ hehe~ i so wish they would end up together!! but is this a romance manga…. i haven’t seen it being tagged as a romance one…

2 04 2009

Ah, yeah, gotta love those moments! I also liked the part when Nao cried into Akiyama’s shoulder when he arrived on the scene just when she had lost all hope. 😀 It’s like, yay, her knight is here!

26 03 2009
Re: Cover of Vol 8 « The Liar Game

[…] Original Post. […]

31 03 2009

So cute ❤ And Nao’s smile is so contagious =]

2 04 2009

Aww, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who ships this couple. ^_^ I’m excited about the increasingly close relationship the two are starting to have whether it has romantic implications or not, but I do believe Nao is developing feelings for Akiyama from what I’ve read in your post. 8D And I dunno if you guys saw it too, but I think Nao totally blushed when Akiyama reassured her that he’d keep her safe in chapter 60. If a guy said that to me, my heart would probably skip, haha. I also thought it was adorable how he got her attention by lightly tapping her on the shoulder. =)

3 04 2009

One can be really good at understanding others, and yet really, really bad at understanding themselves. Akiyama = case in point.

But romantic (yay) or not (less yay), I love the increasingly trusting relationship that develops between them, and I love this upcoming arc for that reason, as well as others.

I didn’t notice until later, but Nao totally blushes when Akiyama says he’ll protect her. Plus the phone conversation at the beginning was kind of sweet, in a way.

3 04 2009

Yeah, it’s just so nice to see that Akiyama is opening up and Nao isn’t as naive anymore. They have good influence on each other, hehe. Man, you guys are making me so anxious to read the rest of Volume 7. @_@

Oh, yes yes, the phone conversation was sweet. Akiyama’s actually taking Nao’s calls now, isn’t he? Haha. It’s cute how Nao always turns to him whenever she needs emotional support. Nao mentioned that she didn’t have any real close friends, did she? It’s kind of sad. In a different way, she’s alone like Akiyama.

3 04 2009

I think that’s really the big reason I’m so gung ho about them (I’m really not a huge shipper, normally) because they do have such a positive effect on each other.

IIRC, the only time Akiyama didn’t take her calls was at the end of the 2nd round, when she was trying to give him back the money. Of course, if he thought that would stop her from trying to save him… he was wrong.

I love how both Akiyama and Nao both have started relying on the other for emotional support. Nao mostly, but the end of Vol 6 is an example in the reverse direction.

4 04 2009

hmmm i dont think its that easy for akiyama to trust his heart to Nao,
since she resembles his Mom.
Unless Nao is totally became a stronger woman and not as cry baby as now.
But I’m sure Akiyama now is observing Nao, how he told her the truths about him. Maybe he wanted to see Nao’s reaction and how she handle those truths.

13 04 2009

Woa… Impressive! You actually noticed such small details. I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one who like this couple AkiyamaxNao. Maybe it’s really author Shinobu sensei’s intention to make these two a couple ^0^. My heart nearly go “thump” too when I read the manga where they show their kindness (or feelings perhaps :D) to each other. Especially when Akiyama said “I’m just another one of Kanzaki Nao’s belongings?”, even thought it might just be a simple explaination (or perhaps Shinobu sensei did it in purpose ^^).

22 04 2009

This forum is as funny as ever!! I would really love it if they got together though…. but looking at it… it’s not really a romance manga… TnT

11 01 2010

GOD! JUST CONFESS YOUR ETERNAL LOVE TO HER! XDD I want to see romance on that manga >.< I thought I were the only one! Im glad xd

30 03 2010

have you already read the chapter 93?? akiyama takes naos hand and askes: will you do the honors? and she starts blushing!!!! OMG soo cute!! one of my favourite scenes in this hole manga *.* soo cute i really love this couple and hope that they’ll end up together ♥

10 12 2010

Yea yea yea!!!!!! I saw that part and loved it. ❤ GO AKIXNAO! XD

20 05 2010

Did anybody actually notice the part where Akiyama texts Nao “How are you? Don’t worry, we’ll win.” or something like that. 😀 It was so sweet! He was obviously concerned… ❤

11 06 2010

my favourite part is at the beginning where nao ask akiyama about the S&M…haha…in both the tv show and manga…he looks so awkward explainin it…

19 07 2010

I LOVE THIS MANGA. I’m on Game 4, and I am all like “Kiss you fools-KISS!” 🙂

10 12 2010


26 10 2010

when i read onicchi’s comment about how akiyama said “I’m just another one of Kanzaki Nao’s belongings?” i squealed lol.
i rmb that. love that part SO MUCH ! they are so cute !

ps: love akiyama’s SM explanation !

7 01 2012

Hahaha XD I loved the SM explanation too! Nao is so innocent! So cute >3<

30 12 2012

I found it funny how the SM question was the one that placed Nao and Akiyama on opposite sides ;p
You know, it made them match ~~~

10 12 2010

Kaitani is currently on a hiatus right??? Hopefully he will add in tons of AkiXNao parts!!!!! Does anyone know like what address to send fan mail or e-fan mail or something????

5 12 2011

Even Yokoya knows Akiyama’s feeling better than him he was all like “the only way to make him suffer a real blow is to hurt Nao Kanzaki!

24 02 2012

Ohmygosh! So I’m NOT the only person who noticed her blushie! xD I didn’t catch the hand-holding, though.. o.o THAT IS SO AWESOME!~ This had better become a cannon relationship… o.o’

31 03 2012

love them… not like shoujo manga. less words but deep meaning… hey when was akiyama said im just another nao kanzaki’s belonging?

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